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Hi, my name is Sally, Groomer and Owner at Grooming Marvellous.

I have always loved animals and taking care of them is my passion.

I have 4 dogs, 3 Rabbits and 3 chickens. I have been a professional Dog Groomer since 2014 and attended Hartpury collage to complete my dog grooming qualification.

I then went on to attend a canine first aid course and I am looking forward to attending the advanced first aid course as Improving my knowledge and skill is important to me so I can provide the best service possible.

The salon is open Monday to Thursday 9am - 3pm where I am joined by my assistant Victoria. we welcome dogs of all breeds, shapes and sizes.

we come highly regarded for our work with nervous dogs and have helped many of our k9 customers. this is helped by working from a small, quiet salon offering that intimate experiance

 vic has been working along side me for three years now and is a great asset to the salon.

vic has a gorgeous border terrier and a horse. vic has been around dogs her whole live and that really does show while she is in the salon.

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